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Our Philosophy on Restraint and Sedation

Catisfaction is a comprehensive veterinary facility for cats. We offer the service of grooming to keep our feline patients comfortable and keep their owners, our clients happy. As a client of Catisfaction you can rest assured that your cat is being groomed by a professional and handled in the safest and humane way possible.

We advise that cats be professionally groomed every 4-6 weeks to eliminate the natural oil that accumulates on their skin and coat that contributes to matting overtime. Contrary to popular believe; a cat doesn’t groom itself, it only licks itself. Grooming must be performed on a regular basis and includes trimming nails, cleaning ears and eyes, washing away oil from the skin, cleaning off dander (dead skin cells with dried saliva flakes) and removing dandruff (large flakes of dead skin). One can condition their cat to tolerate and in many cases enjoy the grooming process.

Your cat must be a patient of Catisfaction and have a current (within the year) veterinary examination as well as a current rabies and upper respiratory vaccination. If we are unable to groom your cat with our standard restraining methods, a simple grooming procedure becomes more technically advanced. At Catisfaction we do not excessively restrain fractious cats. We try to avoid sedating our patients and take anesthesia seriously. When sedation is being used it is required by law to be supervised by a veterinarian. While your cat is unconscious, he or she will be continuously monitored, as they would be for any other procedure that requires sedation and/or anesthesia. This is an additional charge due to the requirement of a veterinarian being present in addition to the professional groomer.  

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