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Catisfaction Continues to Change and Grow

It only seems fitting to make my first blog post on the 9 year anniversary of establishing Catisfaction! As I sit here reflecting on how far Catisfaction has come and how much I have grown as a veterinarian, business woman and individual I am filled with joy and excitement! We have lots of exciting things to share and I will do my best to talk about them. First, some ground rules...I am not a writer! If you are coming here looking for grammatically perfect, brilliantly written content please look elsewhere. I plan to use this blog for off the cuff ideas, topics and stories about Catisfaction, cats, me, maybe at times wine and football. Who knows? Next, I do not have time for negativity. I may write something you may not agree with. If so, move on. No need to attack or gather your "justice army". If you're rude, you're gone -- simple as that. Maybe some of you will find the topics interesting, funny, thought provoking. I seriously love cats and most people.

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