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A chance to cut may be a chance to cure...

                                             but is it the right choice



  • The only other 'cure' for hyperthyroidism 

  • Requires anesthesia which can be very risky in a cat with hyperthyroidism due to potential heart disease, low body condition scores, hypertension, etc. 

  • Requires a skilled surgeon due to the location of the parathyroid glands. These 4 little glands (located within or near the thyroid gland) are responsible for calcium regulation. If these glands are damaged/removed during surgery this can result in a life-threatening decrease in blood calcium levels.

  • Multiple surgeries can sometimes be needed if both lobes of the gland are enlarged or if other thyroid tissue is involved. 


  • Small remnants of thyroid tissue are normally found spread throughout the neck and chest making them impossbile to pinpoint and remove. 


  • After unsuccessful surgical therapy, many cats are finally treated with radioiodine (I-131) and are cured.  

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